Connect your office to your ranch map

Your business revolves around your farm.

Your organization and communication should, too.

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Click around our interactive Montage demo below to see how we connect your ranch map to your files.

Create your ranch map in minutes

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Create unlimited ranch maps

Interactive tools that enhance your mapping experience and provide easy access to permits, farm records and more.

  • Create ranch maps in minutes
  • Draw your fields by hand or find by APN
  • Track important field-related information
  • Sort your field data by crop, APN, client, etc.
  • Print, save & share your ranch maps
  • Access files directly from your fields & devices
Draw by Hand

Search by APN
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Cloud Storage

Linking Folders
Accessing Files From the Map


Integrate your existing file structure

Connect your ranch maps to your Google Drive or Dropbox accounts.

  • Connect files directly to your fields & devices
  • Improve regulatory compliance reporting
  • Access key metrics from the field
  • Control folder access to internal teams & outside vendors


Simple, secure sharing

Connect and share information with your team, advisors and clients.

  • Organize your users by team for secure, group sharing
  • Invite outside vendors (bankers, PCA's, agronomists, etc.)
  • Add notes to your fields & devices to commincate information quickly
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Simplify your day-to-day tasks by digitizing your farm records. No more digging through filing cabinets or making unexpected trips to the office for a single piece of information...with Montage you will have access to important farm records, from anywhere with an internet connection!