Create, filter and print ranch maps

Create, share and print accurate maps of your farm, including separate fields to identify different crops or varietals.

With map filters and labels you can:

  • Adjust what appears on the map to view exactly what you want to see.
  • Change field labels to print ranch maps with customized information.
  • Easily view fields by crop type, year planted, acreage and more.

Map Filters

The map filter lets you choose which assets (fields or markers) appear on the map at a given time.

Using the map filter

  • Ideal for sorting your map when using Montage.
  • Perfect for printing ranch maps with custom labels for vendors and reporting purposes.


Check out our quick video to show you how to use map filters.

Printing your Map with Filters

You have full control over what your field labels display on your printout. You can include information like field name, crop type, APN and more. 

Find out how to select different labels for print in our video tutorial.

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