What Can You Do With Digital Task Manager?

With Digital Task Manager you can...

$ 39.99 per Month
  • Create Time Sheets
  • Organize your Work Orders
  • Use Advanced Filtering

Powerful Work Orders

Organize tasks seamlessly with our intuitive interface. Set locations, dates, times, and assign staff effortlessly.


Advanced Filtering for Precision

Easily sift through data using our enhanced filters. Filter tasks by date, location, work codes, status, assigned employee, and more; giving you unparalleled control over your information.


Organize by Regions and Entities

Take your organization to the next level by categorizing tasks into regions and entities. Seamlessly manage different locations independently, ensuring clarity and efficiency.

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Time Sheets

Efficiently manage time with status-based tracking, customized filters, and entity-specific task assignment.

We understand the intricate needs of custom farming companies, and our easy weekly Timesheets are designed to smooth the process from farm to payroll.

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Insightful Reporting Made Effortless

  • Dynamic Data Filtering
  • Print-Ready Reports

In the world of custom farming, informed decisions are the bedrock of success. That's why our reporting feature goes beyond standard capabilities, leveraging the same robust filtering tools you use daily but tailored for print.


Filters For Reporting

Use the same powerful filters to seamlessly switch between organizing and reporting. Our universal filters will make creating your reports a breeze.


Supporting Adminstrative Tasks

With a few clicks, turn your filtered data into comprehensive reports. Our user-friendly interface ensures that even complex reports are generated effortlessly, leaving you more time to focus on what matters—running a successful custom farming operation.